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  • Muhammad Saqib Tanveer

OIC moot: No, Pakistani flag was not removed and Pakistan, Turkey & Qatar did not boycott

Social media is abuzz with the recently held Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) Foreign Minister moot. Participation of Indian foreign minister led to Pakistani foreign minister skipping the moot which has paved way for all sorts of rumors.

In this post, we are debunking the fake news being spread on the social networking websites including WhatsApp.

Lie number 1: Pakistan's flag was removed from the OIC

Above and several other tweets suggest that Pakistan's flag was removed from the OIC moot. While the photos shared with these posts do not have Pakistan flags, other photos on OIC's official Twitter contains photos that contain Pakistan's flag.


Lie number 2: Pakistan boycotted the OIC meeting

Not only Pakistan's flag was there. Pakistani delegation also attended the meeting.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi also informed the joint session of parliament on Friday that he will skip the meeting but Pakistani lower level delegation will be present at the meeting. Here is the photo of the head of our delegation at the moot.


Lie number 3: Turkey and Qatar boycotted the OIC meeting over the invitation to Indian foreign minister

Photos of Turkish and Qatari delegates at the OIC conference:

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