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  • Muhammad Saqib Tanveer

Did CIA issue Certificate of Appreciation to PMLN's Musadik Malik?

Facebook/Musadik Malik

Since last couple of days there have been reports doing rounds on the internet and the WhatsApp that former prime minister Nawaz Sharif's spokesperson and Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) stalwart Dr. Musadiq Malik was issued a certificate of appreciation by the United States of America's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for his services to the agency.

Publications like the Express Tribune, the Daily Pakistan and the Times of Islamabad also attributed to a lady that the senator had ties to the CIA. However, the Express Tribune has since taken down its story.

There is also an alleged certificate being shared on Twitter and WhatsApp to back up the claims.

FactNama has examined the certificate and we can safely conclude that the certificate is fake.

Here is the certificate doing rounds on the internet:

The above certificate is a photoshop of a sample certificate available here.

Juxtaposing both the certificates reveal that the alleged certificate in the name of Dr. Musadik Malik is FAKE.

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