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About Us

FactNama is Pakistan's first-ever portal that does fact-checking for the public good and focuses on countering the flow of fake news. 


Our objective is to impart information that is authentic that allows the electorate to make informed decisions.

The team behind FactNama comprises of journalists and researchers with considerable experience under the belt.

FactNama is a not for profit venture aimed to counter the flow of disinformation which is eventually denting the credibility of journalists across the globe. We believe that through FactNama, we can provide authentic information to people, which can eventually lead to the restoration of public trust in journalism.

We are currently funding us from our own pockets but we are open to grants and donations. Any grants or donations made to us will be made public as we believe in transparency both in our news and financial dealings. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We separate the FACTS from FAKE.


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